We have experience in the transport industry, know reliability, trust, security and time. We guarantee express and dedicated deliveries. Our company delivers its services according to the CMR convention and OCP insurance. Our partners are companies with a secured position in the domestic and foreign markets.

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We offer transportation services and forwarding throughout the country and internationally. We receive wares at any place within the country and send it to an unloading place of your choice by delivery trucks of a 3500 Kg total mass, a 1500kg load capacity (5 & 8 Euro-palettes), with a rigid structure or canvas and a 20m3 cubature.

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The Trust that You bestowed upon us, has made us understand Your needs and requirements, thanks to which we are able to offer services at the highest level. We pride ourselves in a satisfied client base, that had used our services in the past.
TEL (+48) 604 102 731
FAX +48 (32) 42 49 653

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